Monday, May 4, 2009

Favors You Keep launches new line of tasty treats

Weddings are joyous occassions and in most cases a lot of fun. As a guest you'll walk away with happy thoughts of the newlyweds and sometimes a trinket of appreciation from the couple-the wedding favor.

As much as I love receiving these keepsakes, I have to say I am often times at a loss of what to do with them. The silver bell with a personalized ribbon of the bride and groom's wedding date hardly serves any other purpose besides being displayed on my shelf. And I love favors that have multiple uses, CDs, picture frames, plantable favors or donation cards. But in all honesty I LOVE favors I can eat.

Recently, Favors You Keep launched a new line of locally-grown pecans wrapped in personalized bags, which can also be bought in bulk so that you can put them out on display at the wedding or so you can bag them yourself. Awesome idea!

It's a great way to incoporate a bit of Texas-flavor to your wedding. Yummy treats even the guests who don't love chocolate can enjoy.

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