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A Real Texas Wedding: Joanna & Adam: July 11, 2009

A style that has certainly seen many takers in the wedding world is the vintage-rustic look. Joanna and Adam's wedding couldn't be more on target.

Vibrant shades of yellows, reds, blues, purples, pinks and whites, a classy birdcage veil and a adorable bolero jacket really do give off a South Texas feel with personality and style. And the reception location was a perfect choice. The Grande Hall at the Hofmann Ranch, with its rich wood, wrought-iron details and gorgeous view really seemed to showcase Joanna and Adam's lifestyle.

And what's a better way to document your day than to have beautiful images to recap? Breanna with Powerhouse Studios did an amazing job! Kudos Breanna. To see more photos visit her blog.

1. How did the two of you meet?

Adam and I are both from the same small town and went to high school together. He was one grade above and we didn’t really run with the same crowds; I knew of him, but I didn’t know him. I can’t claim love at first sight, in fact up until the moment I talked to him I thought he would be the last person I would ever want date. When I did finally talk to him he was so different from who I expected him to be. It caught me off guard. I knew from that first conversation by a bonfire that he was the one.

2. How did he propose?

Adam proposed at dinner at Paseanos. We had gone looking for engagement rings and the night we found the ring, he raced to my parents house to ask them for my hand. I have an uncanny ability to sniff out Adam’s surprises so my entire family was in on helping him to surprise me with the proposal. My sister loves telling the story of the actual moment he asked my Dad.

Adam was sitting on the couch, very nervously petting the family dog. He told my Dad “I really love her.” My Dad replied, “Who the dog? You can have her if you really want her!” He got me to the restaurant under the guise of having a double date with one of his coworkers and his girlfriend. We ordered drinks while waiting for them, and then they “backed out.”

He had me pay for drinks at the bar while he quickly told the hostess to seat us away from the door as he was going to propose and needed to go back out to get the ring. He sneaked off of to get the ring and it must have been burning a hole in his pocket because not long after he came back he took a black box out of his pocket and put it on the table.

I was completely shocked. When he knelt down to ask me to marry him, I asked him if he could get up and hand me the ring from his seat...I was scared that people would start clapping or cheering!..he said no, but I still said yes.

3. What are three characteristics that made you fall for your husband?

Adam has a charisma about him. He is a leader because people love him. He makes my day brighter. No situation has ever seemed dire since he came into my life.

He is a hard worker. And despite of different interests and activities in high school I found that I identified strongly with his attitude.

He has a kind soul. He will do anything to make others happy. He often surprises me with a candle lit table and supper. He is amazingly selfless.

4. What was the inspiration behind the design concept of your wedding?

We were. I wanted to draw on the things and places that we love for inspiration. Adam loves sports so the grooms cake was a basketball going into a hoop with the Spurs logo on it, surrounded by Notre Dame sugar cookies (his Alma Mater and favorite College team).

I traveled to Scotland two years ago and brought back some of the family tartan to incorporate into the boutonnieres and bouquets. I love all things Jane Austen, so we used a font based on her writing for the invitations. I had an Aunt bring fresh lavender from the South of France that was also incorporated into the flower arrangements. All of the little touches were reflections on who Adam and I are.

5. What was the most trying part of the planning process?

WAITING! We were engaged for a little over two years so I had almost too much time to plan. Staying focused on what we wanted was difficult for me. We decided what we wanted early on and I searched the internet tirelessly for ideas to bring out the design concepts. I found myself getting sidetracked on something else that I found pretty, or thought would be nice. I most always found myself going back to what we picked to begin with.

6. Did either you have a bride/groomzilla moment? Describe.

No not really. I feel truly blessed as Adam actually helped a lot. He backed me down from many full out panic modes with suggestions on how to solve the problem. And when he could he did all that he could to physically help. He wanted to be a part of the wedding process which made it all the more special.

7. What element of the wedding exceeded your expectations?

The venue. I knew it would be fantastic, but they took care of EVERYTHING. Gary gave us suggestions throughout the entire process making sure all details no matter how minute were taken care of. All we had to do was show up and have fun. Their team set everything up, tore everything down, and even helped load the vehicles after. The food was amazing and the venue itself breathtaking and absolutely wonderful. The service was friendly and and exceptional. Fabulous all the way around.

8. If you were a guest attending your wedding, how would you describe it?

Full of rustic elegance, friendship, and love. I have the venue to thank for the first, and our friends and family to thank for the last two.

9. Besides marrying the love of your life, what was the most important part of the day?

Being surrounded by our friends and family. Adam and I have been dating for six years. I had some family fly in from Europe to be with us and Adam had family fly in from the Northeast. So many people have touched our lives and it felt so right to have those same people gather as we said I do. We were married in a church that only seats 140. I wanted to walk down the aisle and see every pew filled. It felt so intimate and special. I could feel the love and joy radiate from our friends and family as they watched us exchange our vows.

10. What are your plans for the future?

We have since moved to the Houston area. Adam is a CPA with Ernst and Young and I am attending Baylor College of Medicine to pursue a career in Biomedical Research.

Special Thanks from Joanna:

I can't express how lucky I feel to have chosen the vendors that I did. The venue and catering were by far above and beyond everything that I ever dreamed of. And Breanna was so fantastic. She captured the moments so beautifully. She was creative and never said no to any of my crazy ideas. The Laurel Tree in Utopia Texas was a perfect setting for our rehearsal. There is a 400 year old oak tree in the back with chandeliers hanging from the limbs. It was easy to pull off our wedding with such fantastic help coming from such AMAZING vendors.

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