Monday, July 13, 2009

"We were both working. He remembers what I was wearing… white top, gray slacks and I had a camera hanging from my neck. I remember he looked so serious, walking up the stairs from inside the dugout onto the baseball field.

"A mutual friend introduced him, 'Hey Steph, meet the newest member of Crew 1- the Rookie!' That was the first day Brian and I met. We both love baseball…so what could be more romantic than for two baseball lovers to be introduced on a baseball diamond. That was in 2007. Little did we know that our friends had planned to set us up. After some nudging to get us to hang out, we quickly became friends. And through a long distance friendship, we quickly realized that we had fallen in love.

"A year later, Brian proposed at the same place we had met—on the baseball field at Nelson Wolff Municipal Stadium in San Antonio, Texas. I was completely shocked! Brian had spoken with my parents two weeks before the big day.

"Brian then made arrangements with the head grounds crewman at Wolff Stadium to let us on the field one night when the Missions weren’t playing. He then arranged with my mom to get me to the ballpark that evening for the surprise proposal.

"When my mom and I pulled up to the stadium I received a text message that said, “Come to the pitcher’s mound for Your first pitch.” I was so excited…we were going to play catch on the field! Boy was I in for a surprise. Brian met me in concourse to escort me down to the field. He lifted me onto the field then I walked out in front of the pitcher’s mound. Brian went over the home plate where he bent down to pick up my father’s glove and a baseball. He pitched. I caught it! I looked down at the ball to get it set to throw back, but when I looked at the ball I immediately read the words, Will You Marry Me?

"When I looked up, Brian was bending on one knee holding a beautiful diamond ring…all at home plate!It was a baseball lovers dream. And this bride-to-be’s dream come true."

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