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Romantic Dinner Giveaway Winner

And the winner is . . .

Thank you for all who participated in the Paloma Blanca Dinner Giveaway. Check back shortly for info on our newest giveaway raffle.

Wedding Vendor of the Week

From the moment you meet Catherine of Four Creative Studio you'll be taken by her fun and kind personality. She immediately makes you feel comfortable--exactly what a photographer should make you feel.

If you're like many couples who are a bit uneasy in front of the camera, Catherine is the perfect person to put you at ease.

Her work in incredible too. She captures life's little moments and all that in between, and that is why she's our Wedding Vendor of the Week. Congratulations Catherine, you deserve it.

1. How did you start out?

From the time I was little with my Polaroid camera, I have always loved taking pictures. However, it wasn't until college that I really thought about photography as a possible career.

I entered college as a pre-med student (not sure what I was thinking!) and during my freshman year I decided to take a photography class. It was then that I realized there was no other career path for me than photography!

There was nothing that I loved more than being able to capture the beauty I saw around me with my camera, and showing people the world through my eyes. Four years after that first photography class, I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BFA in photography, and have never stopped taking pictures!

2. What services do you offer?

I offer a range of photography and design services, including engagement sessions, bridal sessions and wedding day coverage as well as custom designed save-the-date cards, thank you cards, wedding announcements and holiday cards.

My photography and design services can be purchased as a package, or I often create custom packages to suit each bride and wedding so that they have the perfect package to fit their needs!

3. What is your approach to taking pictures of a wedding/event?

It is my goal to always create the situations for the perfect photographs to occur. I am not a believer in overly posing a couple, I like to put them in a beautiful situation and let them enjoy it! I take pride in being able to capture all the emotions of the day, not just the obvious moments.

For each wedding my approach is different, as each wedd
ing is different, but my end goal is always the same, to create beautiful artwork for the couple to enjoy for a lifetime.

4. What’s the inspiration behind your work?

I am always inspired by the beauty of the day
, and the love that it is celebrating. I use each couple as my inspiration for documenting their day.

5. What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is having the honor to be a part of such an amazing day in a couple's life, and knowing that my photographs will help them remember their wedding day and the love they share together.

For more information or to set up a consultation call Catherine at 210-877-1573 or click here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kick it to the Curb

I'm sure you've all heard family and friends tell you to buy comfortable shoes for your wedding right? That's certainly advice they should also pass on to your groom as well.

Check out this shot from Kristy Ahumada of Volatile Photography.

How adorable are these? Love the bright blue. Make your own here.

Fun and Fashionable Wedding Day Jewelry

More and more of today's brides are looking for avenues that reflect their personalities and tastes, and what a better way to so than through jewelry!

Add a pop of color
to your engagement photos or wedding day attire with awesome pieces from designer Jenny Forks from Bitter Creek Designs.

Bitter Creek Designs, located at The Rim, also offers beading parties. Bring your bridesmaids for a fun and fashionable event and make your wedding day jewelry.

For more information call
210-558-0559 or visit the website.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Picks of the Week

I don't know what it is exactly, but I have been so fascinated by non-traditional wedding dresses. And now every week I'm going to "research" a few of my favorites. These are this week's selections.

Take a look at these smoking hot gowns from Priscilla of Boston and check them out at Julian Gold.

Melissa Sweet: Petunia

Melissa Sweet: Mari

And these are from La Sposa, available at Debi's Bridal.

La Sposa: Laica (2010 preview)

And a flashback with class. La Sposa: Fauna (2009 Collection)

A Real Texas Wedding: : Tiffani & William Mosley August 8, 2009

How did the two of you meet?

William and I met each other at our home church in San Antonio, Texas (Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church). We started dating when we were 17 years old, and have been together ever since.

How did he propose?

William had come to visit me during the Christmas holiday. During that time, I lived in Houston. He happened to be sick on the day he proposed. We had talked about going to dinner and a movie that day, but I insisted that we just stay home because he was sick. He was acting strange all day and continued to pressure me into our dinner/movie plans.

Later that evening, I started cleaning up around my apartment. While cleaning, William thought I had seen the ring in his suitcase (but I didn’t). He kept asking me … “did I see it?”. I told him that I didn’t know what he was talking about, and to go lay down because he was talking strange. He sat me down on the couch and pulled the ring box from his suitcase. He opened it up…and asked me to marry him.

He told me that he had plans already in place that night to take me out, and make the proposal special. Due to me refusing to go out, not knowing he was going propose and him not feeling well...the whole proposal turned out special in its own way.

What are three characteristics that made you fall for your husband?

Funny, Handsome, Loving

What was the inspiration behind the design of your wedding?

The colors of my wedding were inspired from a blouse that I own. My favorite color has always been purple. The colors in the blouse were plum, lavender, gray/silver, magenta and black. I carried the blouse around to all my vendors, so that the color scheme would flow throughout the whole wedding.

What was the most trying part of the planning process?

The hardest part for me during the planning process was not having William present in San Antonio to help with it. He is in the Air Force and is stationed in England. We communicated daily through phone calls, text messages and e-mails about the wedding.

Did either you have a bride/groomzilla moment? Describe.

Neither one of us had a bride/groomzilla moment. I made sure that I was organize from the beginning. I always communicated with each of my vendors to make sure things were always on track. There were some trying moments throughout the planning process, but everything turned out beautiful in the end.

What element of the wedding exceeded your expectations?

The reception was GORGEOUS!!! The décor, colors, lighting, and the view just made the whole night amazing!!! If I had to pick a second element…I would chose the photo booth (Boothography). They created a FABULOUS favor for my guests to take home.

If you were a guest attending your wedding, how would you describe it?

I would describe the wedding as intimate and elegant. From the ceremony to the reception, everything was done with class.

Besides marrying the love of your life, what was the most important part of the day?

Besides marrying William, I think the most important part of the day was seeing family and friends at our wedding. It was a great opportunity for us to socialize and also say our goodbyes before we headed off to England.

What are your plans for the future?

Currently, we are living in England. We will be here for approximately two years. Our future plans include traveling throughout Europe, being successful in our careers and starting a family.

Wedding Details:
Ceremony Venue: Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church
Reception Venue: Rosenberg Skyroom at The University of Incarnate Word
Wedding Coordinator: Sheryl Mack
Bride’s Dress Shop: Puttin' on the Ritz
Bridesmaids’ Dress Shop: Alfred Angelo
Tuxedo Shop: Al’s Formal Wear
Bridal Hair: Stylist: Geneva Pope/Hair Shop: A Absolutely U
Invitations: TLC Invitations
Caterer: Sodexo Catering Service
Cake: Sylvia Jackson
Florist/Décor: Simple and Elegant Weddings
Photobooth: Boothography
Chocolate Fountain: Fun & Fancy Chocolate Fountains
Musicians: Michael Potts/Soloist: Tiffany Grant
Photographer: Elan Imaging
Videographer: Alamo Photographic
Transportation: A Class Luxury Limousine Service
DJ: Carlton King
Special thanks from the bride:

Bisli at Simple & Elegant Weddings has been an excellent vendor. She is very passionate about what she does and it truly shows in her designs. I would recommend her ANYONE who may need her services.

The staff at the Sky Room have been incredible. Very professional and helpful throughout this whole process.

Boothography was very creative with customizing favors for my guest. I love the sample of my favor!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding Vendor of the Week

If you didn't hire a coordinator for your wedding yet, even if it's just for the day-of, you should definitely reconsider.

Planners can save you a ton of money and keep headaches at bay. When it comes to the big day they really are the "go-to" person to make sure all the details are perfect.

And with that said may we present to you, one of the funniest, personable and professional wedding coordinators in San Antonio... Tina Humphrey with Diamonds and Dreams.

1. What is the inspiration behind your company name?

Mine was really by accident.

I was driving home from my old job, thinking of catchy little business names and not really getting anywhere (they all seemed so over used and modified.) So I started asking myself all kinds of questions about weddings and planning. And I finally asked myself "what does every 'marrying' woman dream of?" and my first thought was a huge ROCK! :)…..dreaming of BIG diamonds……and being slightly dyslexic…..Diamonds & Dreams fell out of that!

2. What is your approach to planning a wedding/event?

Let's have fun first!

Every event hosts technical and logistical hurdles, and the process is extremely emotional and expensive to boot. I have been around the wedding block quite a few times, and am very comfortable in my own planning skin. I don't have a problem helping the client through the administrative portion of planning. But, I also don't want the client to feel it's "just another event" to me or my staff. So I do my best to make them laugh all along the way, while being as helpful and thoughtful in creating their day. I also treat vendors with respect and care. We are a team and our ultimate goal is to get the client perfection on event day.

3. What is your favorite wedding trend to date?

I have two actually…I love the lounge trend - so informal and chic at the same time and guests love them too. But I feel the new trend toward specialty lighting is just coming into its own arena.

The difference lighting makes at an event is enormous. And it really doesn't take tons of money to do this, but it envelopes your guests and makes the event much more pulled together and most definitely polished.

4. What is your favorite color combination?

Cobalt blue and lime green with a sprinkling of snow white here and there to cut the HOTNESS of it!

5. What is the best part of your job?

The best part? Meeting all the fabulous people you get to work for and with--the clients, vendors, families, schoolmates, co-workers. There are so many people to meet and so little time!

And the 2nd best part is that I love designing and watching events come from the drawing board to fruition. It's soo... cool, but it's more fun to see the look of pure elation on the client's face when someone comes to them and tells them what a great job they did pulling their event together!

For more information or to schedule a consultation call 210-744-4686 or visit Tina's website.

Friday, August 21, 2009

In the 1964 musical, “Fiddler on the Roof,” Tevye, the father of five daughters, strives to maintain his family and stay true to the religious traditions of his Jewish heritage. It is early in the first Act when he exclaims that: “Without our traditions our lives would be as shaky as…as a fiddler on the roof!”

Indeed, traditions enrich our lives and it can be said that today’s weddings are where customs, rites and rituals are especially significant. From a bride wearing white to the ring being worn on the ring finger of the left hand, these traditions are passed down from generation to generation, and represent aspects of our heritage. In order to fully appreciate their significance, it’s important to have a sense of their origins and meanings.

The Wedding Ring

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs believed the circle, an unending symbol, represented eternity. According to Edith Gilbert, author of “The Complete Wedding Planner,” the wedding ring dates back to the 9th century, when rings were used to confirm marriage settlements.

In early Western history, brides were bought and sold. The rings were used as the groom’s payment to the bride’s family. As time passed, the ring came to symbolize the love and commitment shared between two individuals.

Gilbert further explains the ring is worn on the second finger (counting from the left) of the left hand because that finger was believed to connect directly to the heart by the so-called “vein of love.” Science has since proved that no such vein exists, yet the tradition continues.

Later, diamond rings were worn by brides in medieval Italy. Today, the diamond is still the gem of choice because it is the most durable stone in existence.

The Bride’s Dress

Up until the 18th century, brides wore a variety of colors for their wedding, with blue being particularly popular. But, during the 19th century, soft, light colors became more fashionable because they represented delicacy and fragility, which were thought to be ideal characteristics of women during that time period.

Queen Victoria is credited with starting the trend of wearing a white wedding dress in 1840 when she married Prince Albert. It is said that the photographs of the event were widely published and led many brides to choose the queen’s choice of color for their wedding affair as well.

Nancy Piccione, author of “Your Wedding,” adds that ancient Greeks believed the color white symbolized purity and joy. Still others add that white represents celebration and remains a central color in modern day weddings.

The Veil

History tells us that the Romans placed veils over brides to hide their identity from evil spirits. It was believed that veils would confuse demons that were said to be jealous of the bride’s happiness.

Carol Wallace, author of “All Dressed in White,” says veils were also used in arranged marriages to conceal the bride. The groom would raise her veil at the end of the ceremony, and see his wife’s face for the first time.

Today, the veil’s significance has changed to represent a woman’s innocence, modesty and purity. The veil is considered part of the custom of separating the bride and the groom before the wedding ceremony for good luck.

The Bride’s Bouquet

While the modern day bride may clutch the bouquet tightly to conceal nervously shaking hands as she walks down the aisle, Piccione says this tradition has its origin in ancient Rome, where brides carried herbs under their veils for good luck. Later, bridal herbs and flowers began to represent fertility for the couple.

Howard Kirschenbaum adds in “The Wedding Book” that throwing the bouquet became a common tradition in the U.S. in the late 1800s. During this time, the bride would have one bouquet for each bridesmaid, and then bind them together. She would then hide a ring within the collection of flowers. At the end of the ceremony, she would throw the bouquet and the couple would quietly exit while guests tried to find the ring among the bouquets. Today, this is the bride’s way of wishing luck to the single women in her wedding. The lucky woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next to marry.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a lucky sixpence in your shoe.”

Although the origins of this English poem are not known, it is thought to have been written in the Victorian era. Each aspect of the poem represents a good luck token for the bride.

The ‘something old’ represents a connection with the bride’s past and her family heritage. The ‘something new’ portrays the bride’s idealism and optimism for her future.

The ‘something borrowed’ is often borrowed from another married couple, and is their way of passing their luck onto the newlyweds. And, the ‘something blue’ represents purity, as well as permanency of marriage.

It is often the last line of the poem that is forgotten by modern day brides.

The sixpence is a British coin worth six pennies and represents financial security and prosperity for the couple. Today, some brides will uphold this tradition by placing a dime in their left shoe for the wedding.

The Wedding Party

It is believed that the idea of bridesmaids originated in order to help protect the seemingly vulnerable bride from the harm of evil spirits. Meanwhile, the role of groomsmen was to help capture the desired bride for the groom. Traditionally, the bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed in more formal attire than other guests so that evil spirits would confuse them for the bride and groom.

Gilbert adds that bachelor parties originated in Sparta, where the groom invited his friends to supper the evening before the wedding. This dinner was referred to as the “men’s mess.”

The Honeymoon

As noted by Piccione and Kirschenbaum, the word “honeymoon” derived from a special wine brewed from honey and yeast. The ancient Teutons drank this wine for the first month after marriage.

The idea of the honeymoon originated when grooms used to capture their desired bride, and then hide them after the ceremony until her family would stop searching for her. Today, the honeymoon has a much more positive connotation, and implies a period of escape and intimacy for the newlyweds as they begin their new life together.