Monday, August 10, 2009

Winter Wonderland details

Matt and Azizi will be getting married November 28th. It's going to be a beautiful wedding--a winter wonderland celebration.

Check out some of their details coordinated by Four Sisters Catering.

It's August and we are three Months from Azizi and Matt's Winter Wonderland, November 28, 2009!
Four Sisters Catering has done a fantastic job taking care of all the details of this wedding. And while Azizi is away and planning from afar, the team at Four Sisters is really perfecting all the things she wants. Talk about awesome. With their delicious food and event planning skills, this wedding, with cool blue details and pops of silver and crystal, will surely be one to put in the books.

Last month Azizi and Matt shared their story with us, and we are excited to hear their details unfold.

She and Matt are both captains in the Army and both fly Black Hawk Helicopters. Check out our July post. The couple is planning on inviting more than 350 guests...and the bride just received word last week that she will be called away to a classified field assignment from the Army for one month. What a busy bride.

Stay tuned for more beautiful winter wonderland wedding details.


  1. I have been following this bride's story since last month. What a beautiful dream wedding! Looking forward to next month's blog.

    you go girl!


  2. Four Sisters Catering catered our wedding last year... They are AWESOME!

  3. Beautiful! You go girl!

    Bride to be