Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding Vendor of the Week

If you didn't hire a coordinator for your wedding yet, even if it's just for the day-of, you should definitely reconsider.

Planners can save you a ton of money and keep headaches at bay. When it comes to the big day they really are the "go-to" person to make sure all the details are perfect.

And with that said may we present to you, one of the funniest, personable and professional wedding coordinators in San Antonio... Tina Humphrey with Diamonds and Dreams.

1. What is the inspiration behind your company name?

Mine was really by accident.

I was driving home from my old job, thinking of catchy little business names and not really getting anywhere (they all seemed so over used and modified.) So I started asking myself all kinds of questions about weddings and planning. And I finally asked myself "what does every 'marrying' woman dream of?" and my first thought was a huge ROCK! :)…..dreaming of BIG diamonds……and being slightly dyslexic…..Diamonds & Dreams fell out of that!

2. What is your approach to planning a wedding/event?

Let's have fun first!

Every event hosts technical and logistical hurdles, and the process is extremely emotional and expensive to boot. I have been around the wedding block quite a few times, and am very comfortable in my own planning skin. I don't have a problem helping the client through the administrative portion of planning. But, I also don't want the client to feel it's "just another event" to me or my staff. So I do my best to make them laugh all along the way, while being as helpful and thoughtful in creating their day. I also treat vendors with respect and care. We are a team and our ultimate goal is to get the client perfection on event day.

3. What is your favorite wedding trend to date?

I have two actually…I love the lounge trend - so informal and chic at the same time and guests love them too. But I feel the new trend toward specialty lighting is just coming into its own arena.

The difference lighting makes at an event is enormous. And it really doesn't take tons of money to do this, but it envelopes your guests and makes the event much more pulled together and most definitely polished.

4. What is your favorite color combination?

Cobalt blue and lime green with a sprinkling of snow white here and there to cut the HOTNESS of it!

5. What is the best part of your job?

The best part? Meeting all the fabulous people you get to work for and with--the clients, vendors, families, schoolmates, co-workers. There are so many people to meet and so little time!

And the 2nd best part is that I love designing and watching events come from the drawing board to fruition. It's soo... cool, but it's more fun to see the look of pure elation on the client's face when someone comes to them and tells them what a great job they did pulling their event together!

For more information or to schedule a consultation call 210-744-4686 or visit Tina's website.


  1. I am working with Tina and I LOVE HER!! I brag about her to literally EVERYONE! when people ask about my wedding, I dont talk about colors, venue, or food first... I talk about Tina and how absolutely FABU she is! We're about 6 months out(EEEK!) and I am having a BLAST with her and she is making all our ideas/dreams come true!! :)