Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Vendor of the Week

From the moment you meet Catherine of Four Creative Studio you'll be taken by her fun and kind personality. She immediately makes you feel comfortable--exactly what a photographer should make you feel.

If you're like many couples who are a bit uneasy in front of the camera, Catherine is the perfect person to put you at ease.

Her work in incredible too. She captures life's little moments and all that in between, and that is why she's our Wedding Vendor of the Week. Congratulations Catherine, you deserve it.

1. How did you start out?

From the time I was little with my Polaroid camera, I have always loved taking pictures. However, it wasn't until college that I really thought about photography as a possible career.

I entered college as a pre-med student (not sure what I was thinking!) and during my freshman year I decided to take a photography class. It was then that I realized there was no other career path for me than photography!

There was nothing that I loved more than being able to capture the beauty I saw around me with my camera, and showing people the world through my eyes. Four years after that first photography class, I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BFA in photography, and have never stopped taking pictures!

2. What services do you offer?

I offer a range of photography and design services, including engagement sessions, bridal sessions and wedding day coverage as well as custom designed save-the-date cards, thank you cards, wedding announcements and holiday cards.

My photography and design services can be purchased as a package, or I often create custom packages to suit each bride and wedding so that they have the perfect package to fit their needs!

3. What is your approach to taking pictures of a wedding/event?

It is my goal to always create the situations for the perfect photographs to occur. I am not a believer in overly posing a couple, I like to put them in a beautiful situation and let them enjoy it! I take pride in being able to capture all the emotions of the day, not just the obvious moments.

For each wedding my approach is different, as each wedd
ing is different, but my end goal is always the same, to create beautiful artwork for the couple to enjoy for a lifetime.

4. What’s the inspiration behind your work?

I am always inspired by the beauty of the day
, and the love that it is celebrating. I use each couple as my inspiration for documenting their day.

5. What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is having the honor to be a part of such an amazing day in a couple's life, and knowing that my photographs will help them remember their wedding day and the love they share together.

For more information or to set up a consultation call Catherine at 210-877-1573 or click here.

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  1. Loved working with Catherine for our engagement pics! She is professional and easy to work with. I am really looking forward to our wedding day and seeing the pictures she takes of our special day!