Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Color Combination Inspiration

Looking for more color combination inspiration? Check out this great tool to help you sort through literally thousands of photos all while selecting tones you like.

Orange and yellow is a interesting combo. Is it fall or summer? Both! While driving to and from work (in mid August) I was just taken away by these beautiful bright blooms I passed every day.

While light blues and soft pinks may have you thinking of a baby shower more than a wedding, bright aquas and vibrant fuchsias make a bold statement.

Not pink? How about red? This gorgeous dress from Bella Bridesmaid paired with this rocking red shoes is reason enough.

I love the playfulness of this color combination.

If you still aren't sure what color combination is best to suit your personality and tastes check with local florists about what flowers are in season and what combination they see works best with what.

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