Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picking your colors

Are you having a hard time deciding what colors to choose for your big day? Unless you're like the select few, brides go back and forth several times before committing to the color combo for their wedding.

Let me give you some insight to my experience.

While digging around in my closet for some inspiration for the 2010-2011 edition of the magazine, I came across my own wedding leftovers. Can you imagine an entire box of paper scraps, buttons and beads, fabrics, pictures, business cards, brochures and everything I thought was pretty at that time? Believe it or not there are quite a few of these boxes.

And that's step number one. If you're not set on a color just yet, begin col
lecting things that either have some kind of importance to you, or things that are just plain nice to look at. Make note this may be an ongoing box to fill.

While planning time lines give you dates when to reserve your reception site, purchase your dress and mail out invitations, it isn't often or at all suggested to decide on a
theme or color scheme. It's important though. Once you choose your colors you can begin to formulate decor ideas, look for bridesmaid dresses, look at cakes, etc. So, tip number two...set your date, decide your budget, come up with the formality and.... pick your colors.

After my contemplating for months (I planne
d for two years instead of one), going back and forth on the combination, I finally decided. Here's what happened.

Thinking to myself, and sometimes out loud, I asked, "What's my f
avorite color?" That's a lot harder (for me) than it sounds. "Favorite color for what? To wear? To look at? To decorate with?" There were too many options. So, I thought.. "How do I want to feel on my wedding day?" RELAXED!

"Well, what color do I associate with relaxing?" Blue!

That would've been perfect, except three other friends of mine who were also planning their wedding decided on some shade of blue. So.. nix that idea.

So, back to square one.

OK, so I like blue, but so-and-so has that color and I want something a bit more girly. I've never been into pink, so next on the list... purple! But what shade of purple?

I went back to my box of pretty things and pulled
out everything purple. And not to my surprise I had tons of purple. Here is a sneak peak of the very few.

Then I went to the not-paying-attention fiance holding out choices and asked him, "Which shade of purple do you like most?" He responds, "The dark blue one is nice."

Since I couldn't decide on one, I chose them all! And with that
done, I went to my computer, googled "purple weddings" in the image field and Viola!!!! Inspiration at my fingertips. What did a bride do before computers?

And the hard part was finally over. I stayed up endless nights surfing the web for ideas. And after about 20 mock ups of what I wanted my invitations to look like, I finally decided on a concept and carried it out through everything. See below, (oh and just in case I forgot to mention, I got married in Hawaii and went with a pineapple theme). Please note: I am in no way a professional photographer, so excuse the quality.

Let me just give you one more tip...look for inspiration in unexpected places. Department stores are full of them. Especially during the holidays. To this day, if something is purple, my eyes automatically are drawn to it. Good Luck!


  1. wow those shades of purple are gorgeous....i thought i wanted a black and white wedding but i think you just helped me make my decision!!! where did you get your invitations done at??? i think i really like all shades of purple as my colors!!


  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your comment. What I really like about choosing shades in one color is that there is no "wrong or right" for the type of season. Light colors are often associated with spring or winter weddings and darker tones for fall and summer...but if you have all shades, it works either way. :)

    I actually made our invitations myself. It was a lot of work. LOTS! It's doable, but several invitation companies offer similar styles. Check out Finder Keepers and tell them we sent you. :)

  3. wow they are beautiful!!! i am thinking of going with shades of purple, teal, and brown/gold colors and i have heard people make their ow invitations but i just don't know if i have the tine or creativity!! but i love love love the "i do" letters with the jewels!!.. i will definitely try finders keepers! thanks!