Friday, November 6, 2009

Honeymoon Destination #1

Planning a wedding can be very exciting, and well, let's just face it...stressful too. All the planning and extra savings you put into your big day will certainly be rewarding in the end. And while you try to think of additional ways to cut costs, whatever you do, don't opt NOT to have a honeymoon.

Think about it. How often will you spend a little more for something extra nice? How many times will you take vacations after your honeymoon? For some reason, and a very good one, newlyweds are more willing to spend the extra $300 on a fancy dinner and stay an extra day at an exotic location.

Whether you're looking do some museum hopping, visit all of Euro
pe's extravagant monuments or sip a cocktail out of a coconut, your perfect honeymoon destination is well within reach.

Monica from All About Honeymoons recently had the opportunity to visit the beautiful all-inclusive, adult only resort, El Dorado Maroma. This resort was named as one of the Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Travel Channel. Check out the information below from a man's perspective.

1. What (if anything) made this destination different from any other?
The peaceful surrounding and environment of the hotel and the location, as well as the personal attention to detail and to special requests.

2. Would you rate this on YOUR top list of places to consider for a honeymoon? (How many other locations have you been to?)
YES. In Mexico, for romantic hotels this hotel would be on the Top 3 (with "La Casa que Canta" and "Villa MontaƱa")

3. What was the best feature of the entire resort?
The food was outstanding, not only a la carte, but also the special requests you can order. The beach is one of the most peaceful I have been in my life.

4. How was the process of traveling to this location in particular? Was it hard to find tickets? Flights booked? Etc?
Easy flight to Cancun and a 45 minute ride to the hotel.

5. What did your itinerary look like on your stay there?
Wake up for coffee under a Palapa at 7 AM. Walk on the beach at 8 AM. Breakfast at 10. Pool and Beach until 2 PM. Light lunch. Siesta. Get ready for dinner. Great dinner at 7 PM and drinks until late.

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