Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cookies: From Elaine's Custom Cakes & Cookies

You know it's the holiday season when cards with Santa on them come in the mail, and most especially when you receive delicious treats like hand-decorated cookies.

Look what came for us! Elaine from Elaine's Custom Cakes & Cookies sent these am
azingly scrumptious sweets. YUUMMMMYYY!!! Homemade is certainly the way to go. If you haven't picked out your cake yet, check out Elaine's. These cookies are heavenly and I'm sure her cakes are just has tasty.

What's even sweeter than the cookies themselves, is I know personally, that Elaine hers
elf was the one who decorated each cookie by hand. Just look at that detail.

Cookies are great favors for weddings and make a great "after-dinner" dessert.

Thanks so much Elaine! It's so sweet of you to think of us.

Look at the size of this cookie...huge!

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