Friday, December 4, 2009

Favorite Photos Friday: Picks of the Week

Happy Friday! Enjoy!

Dave Crockett Photography

Dave is one of San Antonio Weddings' newest clients and I must say, so far his stuff amazes me. I love how he was able to capture the couple in this shot. Sometimes those things are overlooked, but he did it well. Can't wait to see more.

Dos Kiwis Studio

To me, a good photographer should have the ability to capture emotion in its truest form. Whether that comes pure unfolding of events or a little prompting, these expressions can last but just a few seconds so it's important that they can take the photo, without the blur and dark lighting. Dane of Dos Kiwis certainly does great work. I really enjoy visiting his blog every day and seeing what new things he has done. And while weddings are joyous occasions, every person in the photos he's taken always seem to have a huge smile across their face.

Philip Thomas Photography

Since I'm often on the web, I see a lot of photos. And when I visit Philip's website or blog I am always taken back by how well he is able to document emotions. It's photos like his that bring me back to my own wedding and I happily replay the day in my head. Great job, once again!

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