Friday, March 26, 2010

Favorite Photos Friday: Picks of the Week

OK, I'm not playing favorites (regardless of the title), I promise. Some of these photographers' work has been on here pretty frequently, I can't help it. They feed us some amazing shots. So, let me explain why they're my favorites for this week.

Alberto Vazquez Photography
If you check out Alberto's site, you'll see he's pretty big on "different" angles. Whenever you look at it, there's always something appealing and often very interesting about his shots. While the bride is rather small in this photo, for me, she's still surprisingly the main focal point of the photo.

Amy DeYoung
I can't say enough about how Amy is able to capture really quick and timeless moments. And it's not just click, click, snap and you got a photo. It's very artistic and yet so real. I look at this photo and can actually hear the laughter of the crowd and the yelling of the men jumping for the prized garter. That guy in the back didn't stand a chance. Wonderful Amy!

Dave Crockett Photography
Doesn't this photo look like a cover of a magazine? The soft light on the couple and the contrast of the background and the bride's white dress is such a dramatic look. Truly romantic.

Four Creative Studio
I must admit, I have a soft spot for black and white photos. Not only because of the focus it brings to the subjects in the photo, but because of it's timeless look. Catherine did a wonderful job at capturing the couple at this moment. They look completely comfortable and very happy. If you've ever been in photos (and aren't used to having someone follow you around), a photographer who is able to make you relax is the one you need book. Love it.

Powerhouse Studios
Fun, playful and loads of laughter are what you get when you look Breanna's work. She has a way of transferring the atmosphere and energy of whatever she's photographing straight into the lens to create a great photo. And not just one or two photos, really everything I've seen from her-even when it's not people. And the locations she shoots are always bright and colorful. Looking at her work makes me smile. :)

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  1. love these wedding shots in San Antonio! Terrific work!