Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Photos Friday: Picks of the Week

Today's batch of photographers are not only extremely talented, they're also extremely wonderful people. Enjoy!

Amy DeYoung

McGreevy-Squier Photography

Still Life Photography by Alexander Devora

Urth Studio

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Picks of the Week

Check out CJ's awesome picks for this week's Wedding Dress Wednesday!

Available at Alfred Angelo
Style: 2105


Available at Bridal Connection
Maggie Sottero Evangelina

Available at Debi's Bridal
Style: Jasmine Bridal T338

Available Julian Gold
Style: Monique Lhuiller Spring 2010 Sunday Rose

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free Dance Lesson: April 30, 2010

Nervous about taking your first step onto the dance floor as husband and wife? No problem! Wanda Deagen Dance Studio can help.

Stop by the studio for a free introductory class and dance social Friday, April 30 from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Take part in a fun and easy lesson of merengue. And then following, open dancing and a wide variety of music with refreshments and door prizes.

And, check out the awesome special they're running.

Receive a $20 gift certificate when you enroll in the Classic Bride & Groom package.

*Offer expires 05/31/2010.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Picks of the Week

Awesome picks CJ! Love this weeks picks for wedding dresses.

Available at Bridal Connection
Style: 47133

Available at Debi's Bridal
Style: Sophia Tolli Y1919 Blanche


Available at Julian Gold
Style: Rivini Daria


Monday, April 19, 2010

Check out these amazing bridal portraits from Nachyelli Photography. How fun! Great job Nachyelli.

Book any wedding package during April and May and receive a free bridal portrait session
. Call 210-725-9380 for more information.

Happy Blogiversarry to Us!

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We feature our favorite dress picks of the week on Wednesdays, our favorite photos from local photographers on Fridays, weddings from real brides, awesome specials, endless amounts of inspiration and so much more.

We're currently working very hard to bring you another great edition, debuting this July. So be sure to check it out. We will keep you posted on all the work we're doing. :) Also check the SAW website often for amazing changes in store.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Picks of the Week

Another week gone by. Here are today's Wedding Dress Picks!

Available at Bridal Connection

Style: Maggie Sottero: Chardonnay

Available at Debi's Bridal
Style: Atelier Diagonal 2808

Available at Julian Gold
Style: Monique Lhuillier Spring 2010 Mercedes


A Real Texas Wedding: Angela & Drew: March 5, 2010

1. How did the two of you meet?
Drew and I attended the same high school our freshman year, I knew of him but had never met him. I always thought he was a little crazy so never really was interested. Drew ended up moving away for a couple of years and going to other high schools across the country due to the fact that his dad was in the military. Luckily for us he ended up coming back to Arizona to complete his senior year in our high school and we ended up sitting at the same lunch table and sharing common friends. We got to know each other and began to like each other a little bit more than friends, from December of our senior year on we were dating. The rest is history.

2. How did he propose?
Poor guy did everything in his power to be romantic and sweet but me being completely oblivious ruined every attempt. The morning of the day he proposed we had went to the gym and had a very intense workout, unfortunately the protein drink Drew was given to help recover had whey in it.

To a normal person this wouldn't matter, to a lactose-intolerant person, like Drew, this was a very bad choice. Poor thing puked his guts up about 15 minutes after drinking the protein supplement, so bad that it came out of his eye.

We had plans to go out that evening to the Melting Pot but him being so sick I said we really shouldn't go, he was adamant that we went, I thought he was nuts. One would think the proposal would have happened at the restaurant, but it didn't, instead he was all awkward and uncomfortable the entire dinner because he chickened out! We go home from the restaurant, I am still oblivious to anything and get changed into my "jams" Drew however sat on the couch still in his suit.

I come out after getting changed and look at him like he is nuts I ask why he didn't change and he says "I am just comfortable in my suit." I look at him like he has lost it, and sit on the couch next to him. I am assuming we will watch a movie and nothing happens, just silence.

At this point my comment is "Soooo we gonna watch TV or what?" and he says "Babe I think I wanna spend the rest of my life with you." Me being oblivious, I respond "Yeah I know, me too, I'm kind of a big deal." and he says "No, really, I wanna be with you forever." and I say "Yup, I know, me too" (if you're thinking what an idiot, hand slap to the forehead, you're right) Poor Drew, sighs...very loud... and says "Well this is gonna be awkward" he slides off the couch onto one knee and pulls out the ring and says "No really, will you?" and I said "Are you serious?! You have got to be kidding me!" I vaguely recall punching him in the shoulder. It was a mess. Still can't believe he didn't just forget about the ring when I didn't connect the dots the first 2 times he asked!

3. What are three characteristics that made you fall for your husband?

- Beautiful eyes, great smile
- Can make me laugh effortlessly
- Treated me like a lady and made me feel like I was the most interesting and captivating person in the room

4. What was the inspiration behind the design of your wedding?

Having a wedding on the water, or close to the water was very important me because it brought back great memories of being on the family boat with my dad. I tried to tie in important pieces of my life leading up to the wedding. One of the main colors of the wedding, cornflower blue, was the color of the prom dress I wore my senior year, Drew and my first dance together.

My bouquet consisted of my mom's favorite flower, Stargazer Lillies, my grandma's favorite flower, Gardenias, and my favorite flower, Tulips. I kept the wedding small and low key because I wanted to talk to my guests and spend time with them because they were either family or very close friends that I hadn't seen in a long while (both from my side and Drew's side). I was very fortunate that the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel was able to accommodate my requests and needs on my special day.

5. What was the most trying part of the planning process?

The most difficult part of planning my wedding was planning a Texas wedding from Arizona while I was still in school finishing up my undergraduate degree. There was nothing more stressful than making decisions on things that I could not see before I had "signed, sealed, and delivered" the items. Fortunately I was very relaxed about the details so even if they hadn't turned out perfect, although they did, I wouldn't have been that upset about it.

6. Did either you have a bride/groomzilla moment? Describe.

I did. On the day of the wedding there was a misunderstanding about how the flow of the public would be controlled while I walked down the aisle. People were supposed to be held back and away from the Oak Terrace while the 30 minute ceremony took place, however some people who were oblivious didn't notice the "hub-bub" and walked right through the processional. This didn't bother me until a lady actually stepped out in front of me as I was walking down the stairs towards the aisle with my brothers.

She was actually going to walk down the aisle in front of me! In great bridezilla fashion, over the beautiful strings of Cannon in D, I vocalize my distaste to the woman ;)... I literally yelled out "Its my wedding what are you doing?!" She looked mortified, turned seven different shades of sheepish and scurried up the stairs saying how sorry she was. Not one of my proudest moments but that was the only time I lost my cool, so I think that has to be some kind of record!

7. What element of the wedding exceeded your expectations?

My husband and I did a sand ceremony with 3 different colors of sand. The way that the finish product came out was absolutely beautiful and is unique to our wedding.

8. If you were a guest attending your wedding, how would you describe it?

Perfectly Angie and Drew... There was no guess work as to whose wedding you were attending.

9. Besides marrying the love of your life, what was the most important part of the day?

Definitely getting back to the bridal suite, ordering a burger and watching Zombieland. Since the wedding was a luncheon we had thought about going out to dinner but I had a migraine and was not doing well. My amazing husband said we are taking a nap and will figure out the rest later depending on how you feel. We woke up at 7:30 ordered burgers from room service and watched a hilarious movie. Totally us.

10. What are your plans for the future?

Laughing, loving, and living life together. The pastor said it best: do what you can each day to make your partner the best person they can be.

Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Sazo's Latin Grill at the Marriott Rivercenter

Ceremony Venue: Marriott Riverwalk Oak Terrace
Reception Venue: Marriott Riverwalk
Guest Accommodations: Marriott Riverwalk and Rivercenter hotel
Bridesmaids' Dress Shop: David's Bridal
Tuxedo Shop: Men's Wearhouse
Florist: Botanika
Photographer: Skeem Photography

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Dress Wednesday: Picks of the Week

I love CJ's wedding dress picks of the week. So romantic.

Available at Bridal Connection

Style: Eden
Bridal 2367

Available at Julian Gold
Style: Maribel


Available at Debi's Bridal
Style: Casa Blanca 1977