Thursday, July 22, 2010

Magazine Debut Party: Elaine's Custom Cakes and Cookies

More kudos to our fabulous vendors for helping put together such a fabulous party for our magazine debut.

Today's photos, courtesy of Limelight San Antonio, feature the gorgeous and if I maysay, very tasty treats from Elaine's Custom Cakes and Cookies.

Chocolate cake with raspberry mousse and chocolate filling. If you like chocolate at any level, you'll LOVE this cake. :) So delicious I ate two slices. Shh.. don't tell. And the fun details on the cake make this not only yummy to eat, but a joy to admire.

This more traditional bride's cake was a classic white cake with pina colada filling and was a HUGE hit. Everyone loved this one in particular. Light, yet very flavorful. The elegant design worked so well with our beautiful theme. :)
And because the need for sweets didn't end when the cake was cut, guests got to take home more tasty deliciousness from Elaine's--sugar cookies with our logo. How awesome!

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