Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All About Honeymoons & Destination Weddings: Travel Protection

The wedding is finally over, everything went great, and now you are getting ready for that relaxing honeymoon vacation you have planned with your new hubby. Life is good. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Well, as Monica Velasco from All About Honeymoons & Destination Weddings reveals, life happens. Sometimes no matter how well you plan, unforeseen circumstances can arise, causing even the best-laid plans to go awry.

Read on to find out why Monica says it pays to purchase travel protection when planning for your honeymoon:

Last week was an excellent reminder of how wonderful it is to be protected when travel is involved. Needless to say, when I recommend that you purchase travel protection when booking your dream Honeymoon or romantic getaway, it’s not about ill-wishing your fantastic travel plans, but life happens and you need to be ready!

The first reminder arrived in the form of 2 emails from 2 different clients who needed to cancel their Honeymoons at the very last moment. Both cancelled for different reasons (luckily, no accidents or tragedies), and both ended their emails saying, “Thank you for convincing me to purchase travel protection…I had no idea I would need to cancel and would have lost all my money!”. So again, it’s not about jinxing you and yours, but it’s about feeling at ease and being protected.

And when I say life and the unexpected happen, they really do! I am writing this while heading back home after a week of work in the Riviera Maya (visiting wonderful properties), where feeling protected and looked after by the resort where I stayed made a huge difference. Hurricane Paula threatened to hit the area and put a dent on our week there (not to mention, the structural damage that comes with such weather).

My resort, the fantastic El Dorado Royale, was absolutely professional and handled the matter accordingly. Printouts of the most updated weather map were posted throughout the property and left in the rooms every few hours. The staff worked diligently and calmly in order to put hurricane procedures into place without alerting the guests. Luckily, Paula took a turn to the East and all we had was a little rain….but boy, it was wonderful to feel protected!

So, next time you call me to book that special trip, put your mind at ease and purchase travel protection.  Trust me --- life does happen!

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