Monday, October 25, 2010

Will You Marry Me?: The Ring

Getting engaged was one of the best memories of my life! Everything was perfect: the man, the moment, and yes, the ring!
I think most of us women would agree that the ring is not the most important part of getting engaged, but it definitely ranks high on the importance scale. I mean, isn't that the question everyone asks after you tell them you are engaged. "Let me see the ring!" That being said, I think it is definitely important that you like your ring and are happy about wearing it everyday for the rest of your life.

Even though it is tradition for a soon-to-be-bride to be surprised with a gorgeous bauble she had no idea about, the trend is leaning toward more and more brides being totally involved in the process of choosing their ring.

While there are many jewelers to choose from, two of San Antonio's finest are Dennis Jewelry Company and Stone Oak Jewelers, where couples can actually create their very own ring.

"When a bride sits down with me and shares her desire for a custom ring, hers will be the only one I create like that," says George F. Dennis Jr. of Dennis Jewelry Company.
Dan Demet of Stone Oak Jewelers also takes pride in the fact that they create custom rings: "We can make you a ring, anyway you want it, usually within a week."

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