Friday, November 5, 2010

Favorite Photos Friday: Picks of the Week

Welcome cool weather and the first Friday of November. As usual, picking just a few photos from our local photographers each week is an extremely difficult task. So how do I do it? When selecting the four I want to feature each week, I look for something that evokes an emotion. Do any of this week's picks make you feel something? 

Amy DeYoung 

Why do I like this picture? 
Well, a lot of reasons. I love how it looks so spontaneous. The blurry leaves in front of the lens and the texture of the tree in the background really stand out to me. The lady's dress is super cute and very flirty. The books on the chair make you curious to know more about the subjects' personalities.  And I just love the location of this shoot. The vineyards are beautiful. Makes me think of a romantic summer's day. 

Chanda's Photography 

Why do I like this picture? 
The lighting is great. And while I'm not typically a fan of centered poses, this one works well. It's slightly off-centered and the range of colors and light reflecting off the subjects really stands out. 

Kurtis Kronk Photography 

Why do I like this picture? 
No, it's not because it reminds me of the movie Pearl Harbor (OK, maybe a little). But the serious answer would be because a good photographer (hi Kurtis) knows exactly how to capture the personality of their subject. The lighting is great, the colors pop... beautiful. 

Urth Studio 

Why do I like this picture? 
Simply put, I couldn't stop laughing. Imagine it. I'm at work...working.. and I'm giggling to myself (for at least five minutes) while listing to Christmas music. Thank goodness no one else was really paying attention. Kristin (from Urth Studio) is real good at getting people to open up too. Those are some great expressions eh?

Happy weekend San Antonio! 

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