Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Dance Song: What's yours?

Nothing brings back a memory, for me at least, like a certain smell--except sound (songs in particular). Like The Cure's "If You Leave" makes me want to go home, plop on the couch with some popcorn and watch The Breakfast Club. Watching Brat Pack movies always puts me in a good mood. 

Which brings me the First Dance topic. Have you found your song yet? What is it? How did you go about selecting it? Picking just the right one can certainly be a challenge. But sometimes it'll just come to you. You knew right when you heard it that it was going to be "your" song. 

But, for several, the task to pick a tune that is just perfect can leave you a bit overwhelmed. Our song, Lifehouse's "You and Me" is special because that was the first concert we went to as a couple and we like their style (and almost all their songs). 

Now, when I hear any Lifehouse song I think back, not only to the wedding, but to the entire time I was planning it. It makes even rough days not so bad. 

So my advice to you for selecting a song is pick a something that already holds a bit of significance, fits the genre of music you like and is something that you can listen to a few times over and it not drive you nuts. :) 

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  1. We didn't do a first dance at our wedding, but if we had, we probably would've chosen "Ice Cream" by Sarah McLaughlin, but if I were to plan it now, we would definitely choose "Crazy" by Pat Green. It's just so US. :)